Hidden talent that everyone else knew about

I have never seen myself as artistic by any means. Creative 1000%, but I could never put my thoughts into something that made sense on paper, until a couple of months ago, I was coloring with my son, and I started to sketch my hand. After I was done, I was impressed by how realistic I could make it after only spending 2 min doing it. So a couple of weeks went by; I got into acrylic pouring and thought it was fun because of the creativity, but I realized that I wasn't getting what I expected from acrylic pouring. I had all of these paints that I wanted to do something with, and then I decided to start trying and paint on canvas. They began to turn out pretty good, and people we asking if they could purchase them from me. I then started showing them to my family and life long family friends, and they all say "You rediscovered your talent!" and "you have always been a great artist" I did not know of this talent from when I was a child. I think that is because I always felt like I could have done it better, and therefore it wasn't that good. So here I am today rediscovering my hidden talent.